Modlin Fortress for Ukraine

Following the war in Ukraine, we committed ourselves to helping refugees.
We represent Nasza Historia Foundation, which was established to take care of the Modlin Fortress heritage – the largest fortification building in Europe. At the moment of Russia’s attack on Ukraine we decided to start practical aid activities.

We organized a place to stay for a group of 70 refugees (mainly mothers with children), who were taken under our care.

Our service points were adapted to collect donations which are given to refugees or sent directly to Ukraine.

We organized a warehouse and a donation sorting room where our volunteers sort and pack donated items enabling faster distribution to the needy and sending them directly to Ukraine.

We have begun adaptation of a post military barracks (facility which was vacated by the army 3 years ago) to accommodate upcoming groups of refugees. The barracks building allows for gradual adaptation of rooms to the function of accommodation. At the moment work is underway to accommodate another group of 100 people, and in subsequent stages 300 and 500 people. The facility will enable a longer stay for refugees and will allow them to adapt to the new reality. The fortifications have been under renovation for a week now; the rooms have been refreshed, furnished and equipped, and the sanitary facilities have been adapted to serve the needs of the refugees. However, in order to adapt other parts of the building we need help.

We have a very experienced team of young people, whose activities are supported by about 200 volunteers. 

We raise funds

Link to the fundraising for the preparation of accommodation for refugees in the Modlin Fortress:

Payment details

PKO Bank Polski



  • for payments in PLN – 75 1440 1101 0000 0000 1691 7419
  • for payments in EUR – 65 1020 4027 0000 1802 1728 3201
  • for payments in USD – 06 1020 4027 0000 1002 1728 3491

* for payments from abroad, we give PL before the account number

Our action is supported by local institutions, organizations and companies. The action is also covered by national and regional media:

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